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The Chaney Difference

Your success is our top priority

Our Values

What sets Chaney Capital apart is our genuine care for our clients. We go above and beyond to take care of all aspects of our clients' financial lives so that they can spend time living the life they want.

Our mission is to help people live their best lives.

"A Relationship with Chaney Capital Means...

…I will be treated holistically."

At CCM we understand that your finances are about more than money; your finances are about you, your situation, and your plans. Our goal is to help you live your best life, whatever that looks like to you. We’re here to listen and guide you in the right direction based on where it is that you want to go. When working with CCM, you can depend on us a non-bias partner that will tailor advice that is specific to you and your circumstances.


    …I will have a plan for my finances."

    The tailored Financial Plans that we create, and constantly update for our clients sets us apart from other firms. We will work with you to create a Financial Plan that accounts for all areas of your life: buying a home, retirement, college funding, etc., and update it based on your evolving financial circumstances. It is a living document that grows and changes just like your circumstances do. By planning early and often, we can help you live the life you choose.


    …I always have someone to call."

    Unplanned financial circumstances can and will come up. However, when the unexpected happens, you can rest in confidence that we have either already planned for it and/or are able to navigate it with you.


      …I will have a more successful financial situation."

      Everybody’s version of financial success is different. Regardless, working with CCM will ensure better financial outcomes. When you partner with us, you can depend on a team of people advocating for your success.


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